Inside the Robotarium

Inside the Robotarium

An early peek at the idea that could help revolutionize robotics

One day, Magnus Egerstedt says, the Robotarium could be Georgia Tech's "crystal cathedral" of robotics. But for now, a more modest version of the project is housed near Egerstedt's office, where Ph.D. students and other faculty members program robots, perfect designs and plan for what's next. -Lyndsey Lewis

Some of Egerstedt's graduate students spent the fall semester testing the Robotarium. 

The GRITSBots are meant to be controlled by remote users, which has exciting implications for robotics and engineering. 

Students in one of Egerstedt's classes served as beta testers for the Robotarium. 


Much of the work on Egerstedt's GRITSBots is performed by Ph.D. student Daniel Pickem.

With a little programming, the GRITSBots can move in sync with one another.

Professor Magnus Egerstedt champions novel ways of teaching students and generating interest in robotics.